Founders' Story

What is Paraiso Real Estate?



The concept for Paraiso began in 2017 but our roots in the industry dates back to 2010.  After several years in the real estate business, we sought to create a new venture with one concept in mind: to mobilize a hotel brand entirely bank-less.  Utilizing the PRET token, users can spend, earn and profit from a portfolio of vacation rentals without touching a bank. We wanted to create a new standard of service, design and comfort under one roof to ensure that our brand could be experienced by people just like us, regardless of budget. 

Our founder and CEO, Eric Klein, spent two years traveling from Montreal to Colombia, staying at over 50 Airbnb's along the way. Steering away from hotels due to their small size, he opted for Airbnb's and villa's, but noticed the lack of consistent quality accommodations. Most didn't match their description, were poorly equipped or had weak wifi. Why weren't these Airbnb's offering hotel-quality services?


Thus, Paraiso was born.


We aim to design, furnish and manage our properties in-house to give our guests and tenants true hospitality. We want to provide "Western standards" with local experiences. This includes designer furniture, dedicated work spaces, hotel quality bedding, smart tv's and on-call concierge all while growing a dedicated community of PRET users. We believe that your accommodations should offer both the space of 'home' and the amenities of  a great hotel.

While we grow and expand, we're eager to improve and learn from our community. If you have comments or feedback, drop us a comment at