The Paraiso Program

The Paraiso Program (PP)

Paraiso Real Estate Group offers accredited investors the opportunity to join the Paraiso program. By becoming a capital contributor, investors receive fixed monthly payments (principal & interest) directly from the properties we operate. Each investment is secured against real property 1-for-1, meaning each investor has a lien against that property providing full protection. We also provide full independent appraisals prior to close to give peace of mind. While average mortgage rates stand at over 15% in Colombia, Paraiso offers secured placements to its investors creating a win-win solution for everyone.


This allows Paraiso to expand while focusing on what we're passionate about: growing our portfolio, focusing on guest experience and becoming hospitality leaders. With the rise of remote work, Paraiso is currently focusing on building it's portfolio in Medellin. With its world-class landscapes, culture and strategic location to Europe and the USA, Medellin is now ranked as an economic leader in South America. Medellin has also seen a 44% rise in tourism Y-o-Y.

Paraiso is carefully analyzing and selecting properties with high ADR, average occupancy rates of 72% and high resale value. We design, furnish and manage each property in-house.


Our goal is to operate worldwide and we have big plans for the future.

If you're interested in joining the Paraiso program, or would like to view our investor deck, please email our management team: